Welcome to the World, Eli! (In Home Lifestyle Tampa Newborn Session)

Mom in navy blue dress holds newborn baby boy, while dad in light blue shirt holds older son. They are all cuddled together on cushions

I had the honor of photographing the Stark family for their maternity session when Whitney was pregnant with Eli and now he’s here! Eli arrived a few weeks ago and he is perfect! To say Eli is a fighter is an understatement. When he was just a week old, he was hospitalized in the ICU with meningitis. He and his family were covered in prayers and sweet baby Eli showed great improvement within a few days and was able to go home! Praise God!

Due to the circumstances (Eli recovering for meningitis and Whitney recovering from a c-section), we postponed the session until everyone was healthy and feeling well. (Just a little note: When inquiring about newborn sessions, many photographers will recommend for sessions to be done when newborns are 5 days old to 14 days old. This time frame helps so the sweet babes stay asleep longer and possibly posed in different poses; however, the best time to photograph your newborn is when you are ready. I have photographed newborn babies at just hours old in the hospital to three months old. )

So for this session, we had just a few minutes to take portraits of big brother Ian and Adam with Eli and Whitney. Adam has to work and Ian had a fun day at school ahead! So all of the portraits of Ian and Eli together and all of the family portraits you are about to see below were taken in under 15 minutes! Also, check out the beautiful styling Whitney put together for the family portraits. (Fun fact: I took those portraits from their kitchen.)

Whitney, Adam, Ian, and Eli – thank you for being such an amazing family and I hope you treasure these photos for a lifetime! Eli, welcome to world sweet boy! The world is a crazy, beautiful place and with your big brother Ian, mommy, and daddy by your side, you will have so many adventures! Enjoy the ride little guy!

  1. Adam Stark says:

    Thank you so much for taking our photos! These have all turned out so amazing and we are beyond thankful for you!

    • Linda Moczkowski says:

      These photos are beyond gorgeous. You were able to capture the love and devotion this family has to their new addition and each other.

  2. Marlene stark says:

    The most beautiful pictures ever you are the beautiful family that I just love and I’m happy to be part of your life gram

  3. Carol says:

    OMG. You do gorgeous work with the pictures. Love everyone of them!!

  4. Diane Parrish says:

    These photos are amazing!!!! What wonderful work you do.

  5. Kris says:

    These are amazing! <3

  6. Sherry :) says:

    They are a beautiful family!! The peacefulness in the photos reflect the peacefulness of the family!

  7. Linda Moczkowski says:

    I know you had beautiful subjects to photograph and you were able to capture the love in every picture. Awesome.

  8. Jared D says:

    Amazing photos that capture a beautiful family !!!

  9. Patty Stark says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos which capture so well this family’s circle of love. The photos say it all! Stunning-they fill my heart!

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